Notepad Tab

Use the NotePad tab to use to organize quantities and items in a spreadsheet format. Each row in the NotePad tab has a Reference, Description, Quantity, Unit, Height, Comment, and Sheet column. You may enter as much or as little information as you want for each row. There is one NotePad per job.

You can send items from the Takeoff Tab to the NotePad tab. Changes you make to an annotation in Takeoff are reflected in the NotePad. Changes you make to an annotation in NotePad are only reflected in Takeoff in the annotation's data, not the annotation's graphic. Use Layers work across the Takeoff tab and the NotePad tab.

You can also send items from the Estimate tab to the NotePad tab and send items from the NotePad tab to the Estimate.

Once you enter information in the NotePad, you can sort it or move it around to organize it. You can also import information from the Earthwork module.

  • The NotePad is limited to 5,000 rows.
  • If you have a license for Standalone Takeoff, you will only be able to access the Sheets, Takeoff, Shape Recognition, and NotePad tabs in the Manage Estimates screen. Furthermore, some functions and features in the Takeoff, Shape Recognition, and NotePad tabs may be disabled.
  • Multiple users can work in the NotePad tab at any time, however, and changes one user makes won't display to the other user until the job is closed and reopened.

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