Make Invitation to Bid Selections

Make invitation to bid selections to continue the invitation to bid process. You may have received quotes from your vendors as a result of an invitation to bid request. You can enter the quote amounts and select which vendor bids to use on the job or you can select to perform the work yourself.

Once you select which vendors to use (or decide to self-perform), you can update a bid day instance with the new estimate amount.
  1. Optional: Update the invitations to bid with the responses from the vendors.
  2. Select the bids to use on the estimate and update a bid day estimate with the vendor's bid information.
  3. Optional: Adjust dollar amounts for WBS codes in the bid day estimate and apply the adjustments to the cost items.
Note: Once you select the vendor bids, you can no longer modify the invitation to bid.
After you invitation to bid selections, you may want to: