Email a Job File

Use this procedure to attach a job file to an email message as a ZIP file.

This is useful when you want to work on a job at a different location or send the job file to another person. You can also email an image of the current takeoff in JPG format. This option also sends a smaller version of the same image.

You must have MAPI-compliant email software—such as Microsoft Outlook—installed on your computer to send a job as an email attachment.

Note: Large estimates may exceed the attachment size limit, even when zipped; in which case, you will not be able to email the job file.

The recipient must be able to open a ZIP file and have the same version of Viewpoint Estimating installed to open the job file.

To open a job in the Manage Estimates screen, click Estimating > Estimating > Manage Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.