Catalog Tab

A catalog is used to store cost items and assemblies for use throughout the Estimating module. You can use one or more catalogs per estimate job. You can send cost items and assemblies from the selected catalog folder to the estimate. Catalog items can also be used for alternates and change orders.

A catalog is a folder tree emanating from the root folder at the top. The main branch folders can contain cost items, assemblies, and/or subfolders. Each catalog can have as many folders, cost items and assemblies as you need. The stored catalog items are the key to produce consistent, efficient, and effective cost estimates.

Use the Catalog tab in the Manage Estimates screen to maintain the catalogs. Use the screens in the Catalog in the All Tasks pane to add, copy and delete catalogs.

  • Multiple users can also work on the same catalog at the same time, regardless of whether they are working on the same job or not.
  • To ensure that the cost items a user sees in the catalog are up-to-date, the user should change folders or switch fields frequently to refresh the cost items in that folder. This updates all the cost items and cost item details in that folder.
  • Press [F5] to refresh the tab.