Import to Earthwork

Import elevations from AutoCAD or data collectors so that you do not have to digitize existing elevations in a job. Once you import elevations you should synchronize the layers to align the imported information with the existing job information.

You can import the following file types:
  • AutoCAD files with a DXF or DWG file extension
  • Data collector files with a CR5, ASC, or TXT file extension

To import elevations to Earthwork, complete the step below for the file type you want to import.

  1. On the AutoCAD screen, import elevations from AutoCAD files.
  2. Import elevations from data collector files from the TDS Data screen.
  3. Synchronize the coordinates of the existing and proposed layers after importing data on the Synchronize Layers screen.
After you import to Earthwork, see Earthwork Estimates for additional tasks.