Export from Earthwork

You can export data from Earthwork into a number of different formats to meet your needs.

Export machine control data from an Earthwork job to create a file that can be imported into machine control office software applications or loaded into machine control hardware via a memory card, USB drive, or other device. You can use several methods to export job information for use with machine control:
  • Trimble file with a TTM file extension
  • Topcon file with a TN3 file extension
  • Machine control AutoCAD file with a DXF file extension or a DWG file extension
  • Digital terrain model file with a DTX extension
    Note: Any use of a digitizer with the job being exported will reduce the accuracy of the exported information. Viewpoint recommends that you do not use a digitizer for machine control jobs.

Export elevation data to AutoCAD or to files that can be used by data collectors, such as TDS data files with a CR5 file extension or ASCII files with an ASC or TXT file extension.

  1. On the TTM Trinagulation screen, export machine control data to a TTM file.
  2. Export machine control data to a TN3 file.
  3. Export machine control data to a DXF or DWG file on the Machine Control screen.
  4. On the AutoCAD screen, export Earthwork job data to a DXF or DWG file.
  5. On the TDS Data screen, export elevation data to a CR5, ASC, or TXT file.
  6. Export elevation data to a DTX file on the Digital Terrain Model screen.
  7. If directed by Customer Support, export data to a file for a data collector.
After you export machine control data, you may want to import the file to the appropriate application or hardware.