3D Tab

Use the 3D tab to view a representation of the existing, proposed, or trench layer in three dimensions.

Viewing a job site in three dimensions helps you not only get a clearer understanding of the scope of a job, but also of how the existing or proposed site looks. Another advantage of viewing a job in 3D is that you can eliminate the margin of error as you help ensure that you have digitized the elevations properly for the job. You can also use the 3D tab to demonstrate to your customers how the job site will look upon completion.

You can use the 3D tab to plan unique characteristics of the site. For example, if part of the job includes excavating a small pond and the pond is located between the access road and the rest of the site, you can plan how you will transport materials from the proposed pond.

See the 3D Tab topic for tips on using the 3D tab.