Delete a Widget

You can delete a custom widget to remove it from the widget library.

The option to delete a widget is only enabled if the widget is not being used in a custom dashboard. If it is added to a dashboard, you will need to remove it from the dashboard before you can delete it.

To remove a widget from a dashboard, select Manage in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard to enable manage mode. Then, in the right-hand corner of the widget you want to remove, select More options > Remove.

  1. Locate the widget you want to delete in the Widget Library. You can search for a widget by typing the widget name in the Search field, filter by category, or filter for all custom widgets by selecting Type > My Widgets.
  2. Select More options on the right side of the widget, and then select Delete.
  3. A confirmation message appears. Select Delete.
The widget is removed from your widget library.