Duplicate a Dashboard

You can duplicate an existing dashboard to save time when creating a custom dashboard.

Note: Each publication site includes a public dashboard that cannot be modified. However, you can duplicate a public dashboard and use it as a starting point to create a custom dashboard.
  1. Select the main menu , and then select the publication site, which includes the dashboard you want to duplicate.
  2. If the selected publication site includes more than one dashboard, select the name of the active dashboard, and then select the name of the dashboard you want to duplicate. Otherwise, continue to the next step.
  3. Select the plus icon next to the name of the dashboard you want to duplicate, and then select Duplicate.
  4. In the Duplicate Dashboard dialog, enter a name for the dashboard, and then select Duplicate.
    Note: Dashboard names cannot exceed 50 characters.

    Also note that the Private Dashboard option is set by default and not enabled. At this time, when you create a custom dashboard, that dashboard is accessible only to the account that creates it.

The duplicated dashboard is now available in the drop-down menu when you select the down arrow next to the dashboard name.
You can modify or rename the duplicated dashboard as needed. See Modify a Dashboard and Rename a Custom Dashboard.