About the Trimble Work Center

The Work Center includes widgets that link directly to projects and reports from your Trimble applications. It also provides optional dashboards, and serves as a central location from which you can launch the Trimble applications that you use.

Home Page Widgets

From the default Work Center dashboard, you can use a variety of widgets to access projects, reports, data, and useful resources at Trimble.
Note: Currently, all available widgets appear regardless of whether or not you are licensed for the product that corresponds to a given widget. If you do not have access to the product for a widget, that widget may indicate that data is currently unavailable.

To learn about widgets available on the Work Center home page, see Trimble Work Center Widgets.

Publication Sites

You can change the available widgets on the home page to match your needs by selecting a publication site. Select the main menu in the upper left-hand corner, and then select from the following options:
  • My Construction Dashboard (default)
  • Preconstruction
  • Project Management
  • Accounting & Financials
  • HR Management
  • Resources & Materials
  • Service Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Help & Support

From each publication site, you can use the default public dashboard or create a custom dashboard.

You can also select a default publication site that opens when you sign into the Work Center. To set a default publication site, select the star icon next to the name of the publication site.

Custom Dashboards

You can create a custom dashboard and include any widgets from your widget library. Once you have created a custom dashboard, using either the Create or Duplicate method, you can modify it by adding, removing, or reordering widgets. You can also set a custom dashboard as your default dashboard.

Application Menu

You can launch the Trimble applications you use by selecting them from the application menu in the upper right-hand corner. The selected application opens in a new browser tab.

User Profile

The Work Center user profile provides the following options:
  • Trimble Construction One Admin Center: Select to open the Admin Center in Trimble Construction One.
  • My Profile: Select to access your Trimble user profile.
  • Support: Select to access Support resources.
  • Sign out: Select to sign out of the Work Center.

Dark Mode

When using the Work Center, you can switch to dark mode by selecting the dark mode option at the top of the page.

To switch back to light mode, select the light mode option.


You can take advantage of the Work Center if your company's subscription is part of our Trimble Construction One contract. Additionally, the Work Center requires that you sign in with a Trimble ID.