What's New in Traqspera 2024 R1

The 2024 R1 release of Traqspera (version 4.68) introduces the ability to export Accounts Payable expenses. This release is available as of 2/8/24.

New Features

AP Expenses

Added the ability to export expenses to Accounts Payable:

  • Images attached to an expense entry are included in the exported file.

  • Users can select a Cost Center/Batch Group for the export.

  • The supplier code is used as the vendor number for an expense entry. If there is no supplier number, the employee number is used as the vendor number.

  • The invoice number is the vendor code plus a timestamp.

  • Users can set expense categories to route to AP or Payroll.

  • Expenses routed to AP are grouped into invoices by vendor. Multiline invoices will show each expense as a separate line.



  • Employee rates can now be exported from Traqspera into Spectrum alongside hours (both at the same time rather than only one or the other previously).

  • Further customization of the service work order descriptions/display name in dropdowns for added clarity among similar work orders.

Vista .csv improvements for service jobs

  • Added SM Co, SM WO, and SM Pay Type to the exported .csv file.

  • JC Co, Job, and Phase now default as blank; the Posting Type now defaults to S.

Time & Jobs

  • New Mass Timesheet CSV Export allows you to download multiple months of timesheet data in a single export.

  • When creating crew timesheets, users without permission to View All Crews can now add only themselves as crew leaders. To add another employee as the crew leader, the user must be assigned as the crew supervisor.

  • Conserved loading speed for the Timesheet Summary and enhanced button styling for the show/hide buttons in the Filters area.

  • Corrected page break issue when printing crew timesheets from the Print Timesheets page.

  • Crew supervisors are now included in the Export Timesheet Period Summary .csv file.

  • Improved the UI on the Daily Reports page.

  • Conserved loading times of LEM and Daily Reports pages.


  • Users can now link to Earnings and Personal Info from their employee profile.


  • Added a PIN entry option to the main page of the mobile app. To allow employees to use PIN entry mode, enable the new Timesheet setting: Clock In/Out with PIN Code.

  • The logged-in user no longer needs to have the Edit permission to create new user badges for the kiosk.

  • The Kiosk Shift Summary .csv export file now accounts for rounding rules, showing adjusted start and stop times and shift totals per employee.