Approve Time Off Requests

Use the Time Off Requests page to approve or decline employee requests for time off.

If you are authorized to approve time off, you will receive an email whenever you are selected or assigned to approve an employee's time off request.
  1. Select Employees > Time Off Requests.

    The Time Off Requests page opens in Calendar view.

  2. To switch between calendar and list views, select either Calendar or List under the View section of the page.
  3. To search for specific time off requests, use the Filter section. You can filter by the following:
    • Employee (employee name).

    • Status (approval status): Pending, Approved, or Rejected.

    • Type: The time off types that your organization uses. For example, PTO or Sick.

    • Requested Approver: Depending on your system setup, employees may have the option to select an approver when requesting time off. You can use the Requested Approver filter to search for time off requests based on the approver.

  4. In Calendar view, select an appointment to view a summary of that request. You can then select to Approve or Decline the request.
  5. In List view:
    1. You can use the use the Response Comment column to enter a note about your decision to approve or deny the employee's request.
      Tip: Enter your comment before selecting to approve or decline a request.
    2. In the Actions column, select the thumbs up icon to approve a request or the thumbs down icon to decline a request.
The employee receives an email notification after you approve or decline a time off request. For approved requests, the system automatically creates entries on the employee's timesheet.