Log In / Log Out in Traqspera Mobile

Log in to or log out of the Traqspera mobile application.

You can log in with your Traqspera user credentials or your Trimble ID.
Note: The system validates that users who log in with a Trimble ID account have a Traqspera user account. If not, they will be required to sign in using their Traqspera account information so that their Trimble ID account can be linked to a Traqspera user account. After the accounts are linked, they can sign in with their Trimble ID without disruption.
  1. Open the Traqspera mobile application on your device.

  2. To log in with your Trimble ID:
    1. Select Login With TID.

      This opens the Trimble Construction One Sign In page.

    2. Enter the login credentials associated with your Trimble ID account.
  3. To log in with your Traqspera username and password:
    1. Select Login Using Username and Password.
    2. Enter the email address and password associated with your Traqspera account.
  4. To log out of the mobile application, select the user profile icon in the lower right.
  5. Select Logout.